Prototyping by Alcast Technologies

From Concept to Prototype: Crafting Quality Cast Components

Alcast Technologies can produce the highest quality metal and plastic prototypes for all your component castings.

Our team and partner manufacturers overseas will help you from start to finish with custom-made metal prototypes produced from your designs, blueprints CAD files or even your preliminary concept drawings.

Swift Prototyping Solutions: Metal and Plastic Excellence

We have dedicated design and engineering teams who offer exceptionally rapid creation and production of prototypes in a range of metals and plastics.

  • Our high quality, accurate plastic prototypes can quickly verify all aspects of your components, including design, engineering, feasibility and functionality.
  • Our cast metal prototyping combine with point of manufacture CNC machining and finishing services can produces highly complex prototypes quickly and accurately, and at highly cost-effective pricing.

Our fully functional prototypes can also be used to work up design concepts into accurate and detailed prototypes before committing to a production run.

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More about product prototyping

Plastic, composites and 3D printed prototypes can only give an indication of size and look, but often not working functionality. With a fully detailed metal prototype, your business can fully test the new component / part function in the material your final item will be produced in. 

Metal prototypes are available in carbon steels, stainless steel, aluminum and other metals. This ensure we can respond quickly to your request, and always have an expert team ready to help develop your next prototype.

We can also produce prototypes in plastics, and almost any other material with the expertise and skills of a hand-picked prototyping partner either offshore or in North America.

Our Canadian and Qingdao China design teams work with you to produce accurate prototypes without the need for hard tooling. An accurate prototype can save many hours of testing, reduce lead times and allowing you to launch your product in good time. From straightforward and simple to complex and intricate, Alcast Technologies can help you go from prototype to production in less time with less stress.

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