Casting Aluminum CNC Milling & Aluminum Heat Treatment

CNC Machining & Custom Aluminum Services

Alcast Technologies is committed to improving customer satisfaction by vertically integrating key value added services from its supply chain.

Our dedication to producing the industry’s highest performing castings and supplying our customers with one single point of contact on their supplier list has lead to capital investment in both internal CNC Machining and Heat Treating capabilities in the past two decades.

CNC Machining

Two Vertical Milling Centers offer CNC machining capabilities for products ranging in sizes up to 59”X, 25”Y, 23”Z and from quantities of one piece through tens of thousands. For products that require a specific material finish, parts can be fixtured for parting line removal on these machines to ensure a consistent tolerance is met, that surpasses the abilities of operators on manual grinding machines.

Aluminum Heat Treatment

Two solution type furnaces with a total daily capacity of 2500lbs per day and one dedicated aging / annealing furnace offer in-house Heat Treatment processes to meet your casting specifications. Typical processes employed include but are not limited to T4, T5, T6, T7 and T71.

Surface Finishing

A variety of surface detailing techniques are used to bring your product to the aesthetic finish required by your application.  Alcast offers in house shot blasting, vibratory finishing and sand blasting to give your product the look it needs to take to market.

Outsourcing You Can Rely On

While Alcast continually endeavours to bring value added services in-house, we do recognize the value of recruiting highly specialized and skilled cost competitive subcontractors. Through our network of approved suppliers, Alcast is able to provide competitive pricing on a wide range of services including:

  • Tooling Construction
  • CMM Analysis
  • NDT Testing
  • Impregnation, Burnishing / Special Finishing
  • CNC Machining
  • Painting and Aluminum Anodizing.