Casting and Forging services
from Alcast Technologies

precision aluminum casting

With a proud history and extensive experience in precision aluminum casting, Alcast Technologies offer a complete service for the production of all types of cast and forged products, in all materials.

Our North American foundry specializes in exceptional quality precision aluminum castings, plus associated finishing, CNC machining, quality control and testing.

Global Partnerships for Specialized Alloy Casting

To meet the needs of clients with very specific project requirements in terms of specialized alloys, performance specs and complex geometry, we have also established partnerships with specialized foundries overseas.

With our own dedicated engineering team providing boots on the ground in Qingdao China, we can offer a wide range of casting options without compromise on quality or delivery timescales.

Metal Castings & Forging

Aluminum Castings & Forging

Complete casting and forging service 

from start to finish

Our aim is to deliver a tailor-made casting solution that delivers on your exact requirements at the best price. We will always prioritize fulfilling your project using the means that best suit your operation, be that at our own foundry in Canada or by utilizing one of our established global partners. Alcast Technologies can help bring your aluminum sand casting, investment casting, and brass or bronze projects to market.

We fully support and manage your project from our location in Ontario, Canada, and take care of all the logistics, quality control and delivery. With us as your primary point of contact and enquiry, you save endless hours of outsourcing research into suitable companies and risk mitigation efforts to fulfil your order.

Our Canadian and overseas teams will ensure your manufactured components not only meet but often exceed your specifications and expectations. You will be kept fully informed of the progress of your casting projects from start to finish.

We also have extensive experience in cost-effective prototype design, optimisation, and casting for the development of almost any cast item.

Expert casting processes and materials for your industry and market sectors

Putting our extensive network of suppliers to work for your company will save you time and money. Our Canadian and Qingdao teams have the experience, expertise and investment in supplying markets including but not limited to:

  • Aerospace
  • Aircraft
  • Military
  • Automotive
  • Renewable energy industries
  • Oil and Gas
  • General Industrial
  • OEM Equipment Manufacturing

Contact us to discuss your specific requirements, timescales and budget for any casting and forging projects. We can handle multiple projects concurrently, bringing together the manufacturing techniques and expertise to provide you with exactly what you need, when you need it, at a price that is cost-effective and sustainable.

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