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aluminum Sand casting

Alcast Technologies has specialized in aluminum sand casting at our Canadian foundry for nearly 60 years. By partnering with specialist manufacturers overseas and establishing our own dedicated engineering team in China, we are also able to offer a full range of exceptional aluminum casting processes.

Domestic aluminum sand casting

Overseas aluminum casting capabilities

Aluminum sand casting in North America

Alcast has a proud history of precision aluminum sand casting of parts and components for companies across North America. Our team in Hamilton, ON, has extensive experience in high-quality, precision aluminum sand casting for a diverse range of applications across multiple markets and sectors.

We can handle multiple projects concurrently, bringing together the manufacturing techniques and expertise to provide you with exactly what you need when you need it at a price that is cost-effective and sustainable.

Contact us to discuss your specific requirements, timescales, and budget for any casting and forging projects.

For further information about:

  • Quality Management for Cast Aluminum
  • Aluminum Alloy Melt Quality
  • Aluminum Heat Treatments and Finishing
  • About Green Sand Moulding

Overseas aluminum casting with Alcast Technologies’ partners

To provide you with a comprehensive range of aluminum casting options and processes, Alcast partners with carefully selected manufacturers overseas, managed by our own engineering team based in Qingdao, China.

Our overseas partner network capabilities include:

  • Aluminum die casting
  • Aluminum low-pressure permanent moulding
  • Aluminum gravity permanent moulding
  • Aluminum investment casting
  • Aluminum sand casting
  • Other ferrous and non-ferrous metals (link to appropriate page)

We can fulfill projects for clients with precision aluminum cast requirements, finished and tested to the highest standards in diverse market sectors.

Contact us to discuss your specific requirements, timescales and budget for any casting and forging project. We can handle multiple projects concurrently, bringing together the manufacturing techniques and expertise to provide you with exactly what you need, when you need it, at a price that is cost-effective and sustainable.

For further information about:

  • Quality Management for Cast Aluminum
  • Aluminum Alloy Melt Quality
  • Aluminum Heat Treatments and Finishing
  • Aluminum Die Casting
  • Aluminum Low Pressure Permanent Moulding
  • Aluminum Gravity Permanent Moulding
  • Aluminum Investment Casting
  • Aluminum Sand Casting

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Why outsource your aluminum casting requirements

At Alcast Technologies, we have the capabilities to fulfil your aluminum casting or moulding project, including projects requiring multiple processes and techniques. Our one-stop shop approach means we oversee the whole process from initial design to final delivery. We manage each element and manufacturing process within your project from our foundry based in Hamilton ON, with boots on the ground project management by our engineering team in China.

Our clients greatly benefit from this fully managed process as they can put in their order and be assured that their projects are in great hands. Our customers are confident that their project is being checked, reviewed and ultimately delivered with our company’s guarantee of high quality and exacting standards.

They get the outcome they require to the standard they demand, at highly competitive prices and with minimal administration and monitoring required from them.

Alcast’s global partnerships approach can deliver substantial bottom-line benefits for your business, including:

  • Access to the very latest aluminum casting technologies, techniques, and innovations.
  • heightened efficiency and faster turnarounds.
  • Quality assurance and end-product guarantees from Alcast Technologies
  • A highly cost-effective, time efficient solution

Our expert design teams are also ready to help with all aspects of prototype design – see our prototyping page for more details.

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More about Aluminum Castings by Alcast Technologies

Our commitment to quality management is second to none, with our Quality Management System certified to ISO 9001:2015. Our highly experienced in-house team provide a full range of aluminum casting process checks, standards and certifications. Our Quality Management System applies to both domestic and overseas aluminum casting projects.

  • Internal Chemical Certification using our in-house spectrometer to your specified parameters
    • ASTM B26 • AA-CS-M2-84 • QQ-A-601 • MIL-A-21180
  • Full Internal Physical Testing performed in-house
    • ASTM B26 • AA-CS-M3-2000 • MIL-A-21180
  • Full in-house Aluminum Heat Treatment to customer specifications
    • ASTM B917 • AA-CS-M11-85 • MIL-A-21180 • MIL-H-6088
  • In-Process Aluminum Inspection carried out to customer defined specifications
    • ASTM B26 • AA-CS-E18-92 • SAE AMS2175 • MIL-A-21180
  • Advanced data collection to track defects, monitor corrective actions and control product revision status
  • Advance Product Quality Planning program in place for New Product Integration
  • Incoming Material Verification
  • Statistical Process Controls in place for Process Optimization include Design of Experiments and Root Cause Analysis

Ensuring melt quality is a top priority here at Alcast. Our experienced team can cast using most common alloys such as A356.0, 356.0, 355.1, 319.1 535 and 713.1, along with specialty alloys including A206. Melt quality is always our primary concern, and our melt quality processes apply to both domestic and aluminum castings by our overseas partners.

  • We are pouring daily from alloy specific furnaces.
  • Certified aluminum is brought in weekly and cleaned before each casting is poured.
  • Every batch of aluminum is verified in-house before each lot is poured using our Spectrometer and logged in our Lot Tracking system.
  • Regular degassing ensures ensure a consistently superior quality is obtained.
  • Part-specific instructions are developed in-house for every individual casting produced, to ensure the optimal combination of pouring characteristics is used throughout the entire production run.
  • Test bars can be cast along with your production run. Our in-house testing returns results on Yield, Elongation, Tensile Strength and Hardness with results recorded for each specific production run for complete traceability.


When you require consistent, high-quality parts in low, medium or high volume, aluminum die casting is a fast, efficient, and repeatable option. By injecting molten metal into a durable steel mould die, each part cast is highly identical, resulting in impressive economy of scale.

To ensure the most accurate results, our overseas team works with selected partners on all aspects of your project, from the initial tool designs to the manufacture of your high-performance tool steel die.

The art of sand-casting dates back centuries, but it’s still a remarkably effective way to produce low and medium volume and / or large components in ferrous and non-ferrous materials and alloys. Often known as green sand casting, a pattern is pressed into sand to make a mould into which molten metal is poured.

At Alcast Technologies, we offer a wide variety of flexible sand moulding processes and techniques to service all of your aluminum casting needs, both here in North America and overseas, including:

Automated Flaskless Moulding

Alcast Technologies uses only the best automated moulding technologies available to produce the highest quality green sand moulds achievable.

Rota-Lift Moulding

Our Rota-Lift moulding machines enable us to produce castings from 10lbs through 100lbs. This manual process can accommodate flask sizes ranging from 16” x 20” through to 32” x 60”, ideal for producing castings outside the typical automated moulding size range.

Squeezer Moulding

Squeezer moulding is a manual process ideal for producing extremely low volumes of castings, loose pattern work, samples, and in some rare situations, castings too complex to make with an automated process.

Air Set Moulding

Air set moulding uses a chemically bonded sand to produce large, low volume and highly elaborate or detailed moulds. Castings weighing up to 400lbs can be made using this process.

Sand casting is also eco-friendly, with all used sand recovered and recycled to be used time and time again.

Investment casting provides an exceptional level of detail in aluminum, ideal for intricate detailing. Investment or lost wax casting involves creating a single use detailed wax pattern with multiple small parts all on one “tree”.

It’s a highly skilled ,labour-intensive process that’s also highly efficient as the near-net-shape manufacturing process resulting in parts that require very little machining / cleaning. At Alcast, we partner with international investment casting specialists worldwide with the capabilities and technology to produce complex, thin-walled, and multi-core cast parts at both scale and volume.

At Alcast, we offer in-house Heat Treatment processes to meet your exact casting specifications. Typical processes employed include but are not limited to T4, T5, T6, T7 and T71.

Once your item has been cast, you can opt for a variety of surface detailing techniques to bring your product to the aesthetic finish required by your application. Alcast Technologies offer in house shot blasting, vibratory finishing, sand blasting, painting and aluminum anodizing, to give your product the high-quality finish it needs to take to market.

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