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Alcast Technologies’ International Manufacturing Network

Alcast Technologies has its roots in domestic aluminum casting production in Canada. As part of our continued growth over the past 20+ years, we have further diversified our capabilities by developing an extensive network of qualified manufacturers overseas.

What makes Alcast Technologies stand out is that we manage that partner network through our own boots-on-the-ground Engineering Team based in Qingdao, China.

Your Trusted Partner for Quality Manufacturing and Hassle-Free Logistics

Our team of highly skilled engineers in China are responsible for making sure your parts are:

  • Made to your specifications every time

  • Manufactured efficiently

  • Meet and exceed critical dimensional tolerances and functional quality tests

  • Shipped to you on time and on budget

These extensive capabilities are fully supported by our domestic team in Hamilton, Ontario who are your principal point of contact on a daily basis.

In today’s day and age, anyone can find a supplier online and get a quote. Our mission is to offer the best supplier for your project, the smoothest logistics, and a one-stop point of contact for our customers.

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At Alcast Technologies, we know every project is unique. When you choose to work with Alcast, we put our extensive network of qualified manufacturers to work, to match your project with the perfect source. As a result, we can engage in early-stage design for manufacturing and ensure that your project starts with the highest opportunity for success.

We organise all aspects of the fulfilment of your project, including testing to meet drawing specifications. So, when your delivery arrives (on time and on budget), it is fully finished to your requirements and ready to use or ship to your customers.

Simply contact us with your requirements, whether straightforward or detailed, low or high volume, and we’ll put our resources to work for you!

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Alcast Technologies is fully accredited to ISO 9001 standards, and our overseas suppliers hold a variety of additional international standards as required to meet your project needs.

That’s how Alcast Technologies can guarantee the quality of each item you order from us. As your manufacturing partner, we are your trusted point of contact in North America.

We will keep you fully informed of the progress of your casting, machining, plastic injection, or forging project, large or small, throughout the design, manufacture, quality control, transportation and delivery stages.

Back in 1966, Saltfleet Aluminum Foundry was founded by John Doesborgh in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. As an immigrant to Canada from The Netherlands, John brought with him $20, his wife Theresa, 3 generations of foundry expertise and an exceptional industrial ethic.

Alcast Technologies Ltd. was formed as a subsidiary of Saltfleet Aluminum Foundry in 1994, five years after Gary Doesborgh purchased the business from his father. Gary had joined the company as an apprentice 20 years beforehand, becoming the 4th generation of Doesborghs in the trade. In 2004, Gary’s son Andrew joined the company with a mandate to drive Quality, Efficiency, and Sales through process and manufacturing footprint diversification.

As one of Ontario’s foremost aluminum foundries, Alcast Technologies has continued to invest in state-of-the-art machinery and retained its reputation for quality, experience, and expertise.

Throughout the early 2000s we began investing in establishing a global footprint and aligning ourselves with qualified manufacturers overseas. This process began with simple aluminum sand casting suppliers and quickly grew to include a wide variety of casting methods and materials, machining services, forgings, and plastics.

With this growth came an expanded need for a project management team on the ground in China to effectively manage the success of all our projects. At Alcast, we have our own Engineering Team based in Qingdao, China. All overseas manufacturing projects are managed and supported by our team in Hamilton, Ontario who are the primary point of contact for all our clients across North America and beyond.

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